Holy Schlitz!

Back by popular demand! I never knew I had so many readers!

Well, it so happens that yesterday was the first day of the Arlington Park Spring Antique and Collectibles Show. It was an upscale antique show with many desirable items, but most importantly, CORKSCREWS! Now with upscale shows, are sure to have upscale prices. If 9" Tusks with 3" ornate Sterling caps for $395 and Nifty’s going for $65 are your thing, PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY EBAY AUCTIONS!!! Advanced Search -> Search By Seller -> Syrocokid.

I did walk away with one screw though. It was a Schlitz Globe! It is a well used screw, as 50% of the advertising is worn off and the tip is broken. I quickly put Josef on speaker phone so he could hear the bargaining process. The usual discount of 10% is always to be expected, but acquiring a 30% just makes me grin. AND Free gift wrapping in a wrinkled, coffee stained, used paper lunch sack, is just icing on the cake!

Happy Hunting!


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