You saw it here first!

November 17, 2007
There have only been a couple know Syroco Molds to have surfaced.  I have only seen a couple dog heads and an Indian head.  They were brought to the JFO last year.  VERY COOL.  Now they were corkscrew head molds, as this is a Syroco Waiter Towel Rack Mold.  AKA "corkscrew g/w".  I believe that it will make it’s Ebay debut on sunday am!  Bid high and bid often!

A Moment of silence please……

November 2, 2007
 Let’s all bow our heads for a moment of silence, as the U-Neek will be leaving my collection today.  I’m off to Michigan
to meet some fellow collectors for some trading.  Goodness it’s early  I will definitely be
stopping by any antique shops along the way, so cross your fingers for
me!  Let’s all hope that ol’ sayin is true…"the early bird gets the corkscrew"!