Finally in Mass!

Well, it was a total of 17+ hours driving to Josef’s house.  I did stop off at two antique malls.  I did pick up one Flash for a bargain price of $1.95!  We had a very nice homemade dinner, with great company.  It’s definitatly time for bed as I only have 5 hours before we leave for Brimfield.  This is how I see things right now:




Twas the night before Brimfield

and all through the house,

Josef, Mark, and Tommy

Were ready to pounce!


They all had hopes of

finding their prize,

While scheming the dealers

with little white lies


We woke up at 1

to start driving early

Each of us betting,

“Who’ll find a Curley?”


They opened the fields

and we all started running

Mark yelled “Look Tommy! Look Josef!

A $5 Cummings!”


Josef picked up a Strait and Twigg

While Tommy paid full price for his $10 Pig


We all filled our bags

with corkscrews a bunch,

We needed a break

for stories and lunch!


The treasures were awesome

and corkscrews a plenty,

Don got his blue pig

for only a penny!


 Though there’s no snow or Santa’s

 to enhance the fun,

It certainly seemed like Christmas,

 at least for some!


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