So Fake!

Yesterday a Crosby Pup Corkscrew "Look-a-Like" was listed on our favorite auction site.  The scammers have done an ok job with trying to duplicate this one.  It’s obviously not marked like the real one.  I would really ask all collectors to be cautious when bidding on "too good to be true" listings or "RARE / One of a Kind" listings.  There are a lot of people altering and "inventing" various types of corkscrews.  Or even adding on a whistle part to a real corkscrew, has also been popular amonst these scammers.  Take the time to look the item up in a book or a website!  Check every detail!  Ask a fellow collector for a second opinion!  Also, be especially cautious when bidding on items that are located in BUENOS AIRES, Argentina.  There are lots of FAKES coming from this area! 

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