Syroco Sundays!

Sundays will now be "reserved" for SYROCO!  History, pics, gossip, stats….  Feel free to send comments, pics, and questions to SYROCOKID@GMAIL.COM  I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, but I will do my best to entertain! 

Syroco Corkscrews have always been desirable amongst certain collectors.  Over the years they have been like a roller coaster in the market.  Sometimes you can pick up a Waiter for $30 and then a few weeks later the price shoots to over $100!  You can only hope you are on the selling end of these transactions. 

Today was definitely one of those days…..  I listed a Stained Codger last week.  Well today in the final seconds 2 bidders went snipe to snipe over the piece!  $295 was the realized price today!  I wonder what a Stained Codger with an Advertising Plate would bring at auction…..?


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