1933…What a year!

Way back in 1933, Chicago hosted the World’s Fair.  The theme was "A Century Of Progress".  It seems that every company that existed tried to attend the fair, and feature their latest and greatest items.  Also, TONS of souvenir items were created for the event.  As a lover of Corkscrews, and being from Chicago, I fancy these unique items.  The latest addition is a man with a corkscrew/bottle opener and a jigger in his top hat.  He really needs a makeover, but you can see the advertising plate for the fair on his top hat.  How cool!  I also have a slide opener, a slide opener w/corkscrew and a very unique Syroco Scotty dog with the "1934 A Century Of Progress Chicago" sticker.  This is the exact dog Syroco used to make the corkscrew version!  Any one got some they want to sell?  Hit me up!  syrocokid@gmail.com


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