It’s been a LONG WEEK!  Lot’s of school, homework, regular work, but still a little time for corkscrewing.  If you’re looking to get into web design, you should probably start taking classes in Kindergarden, as it will take that long to fully understand HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PSP, FLASH, MYSQUL, ect……OMG WTF!!  LOL!  🙂

N E WAYS (anyways)

Several items have arrived on the island this week!  Most notably the 1909 Kummer (koom-mer) Patent Variant and the Sterling Golf Bag!  The Kummer is a cool mechanical type that is similar to the Thomason mechinism (internal shaft, internal barrel).  The Sterling Golf Bag is just classic, but a double….  Both are good candidates for the ICCA Auction that is currently accepting listings.  We shall see…..


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