The Portland Expo!

Though I started out late this morning for my 3 1/2 hour drive to Portland, I was too excited to care!  1350 booths of antiques and collectibles awaited me in Oregon!  As I scoured my first isle, I came across a booth featuring 2 cases FULL of corkscrews!  Bone Carvings, Ivory pieces, Silver accents, and some plain Williamson types.  Then upon closer inspection, it became apparent that these were all fake corkscrews!  Most of the Sterling caps were not marked.  The carvings were less than stellar workmanship.  Modern worms poorly attached with glue drippings.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  This Rat had them all priced well above $300!!  Not only are there many fakes turning up on Ebay, but also in the Antique Shows.  Buyer Beware!

None the less, there were plenty of REAL corkscrews to be picked over, 2 Lady Legs, 6 tool bow, a Perpetual, Sterling Stag Pieces, Zig Zags to name a few.  Unfortunately, only a few good bargains got to come home.  Check it out!

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