Syroco Sunday!

The Bull Dog!  He is a staple piece in any Syroco Corkscrew collection, because, well, he’s a corkscrew of course!  Now some of us corkscrew collectors, that fancy Syroco, really enjoy the "Go-With" Syroco items.  Meaning additional pieces made by Syroco of the same figural as the corkscrew.  Clothing Brushes are populare examples of "Go-With" items as well as Bottle openers.  This past summer, I found a small wooden bull dog face on Ebay, and it sparked some curiosity as a "go-with", but no clear idea of what it was it was attached to….  Then at Brimfield the same bulldog face turned up mounted on a wooden plaque.  Well, yesterday at the antique show, I found the bull dog CLEARLY featured on a piece of Syroco decor.  It appears to be a tie rack and the bull dog mounted at the top.  What Syroco Go-With’s do you have?  Feel free to send pics to SYROCOKID@GMAIL.COM


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