New Arrivals

I stopped by the local antique mall today for a quicky, but came out empty handed 😦   But some interesting information was discovered…..  Apparently, there is another corkscrew collector making rounds on my turf!  Yes, a "old brass barrel corkscrew with a family seal" was sold to the competition!  So "Mr. X", if you’re reading this, email me @ 

A Brown Mermaid has arrived from the UK!  I’m glad to have one again, as BT got my last one.  Also, my first ever Le Presto Single Lever came all the way from Arizona!  A trade was arranged with RL for a Gemeli Clown and $.  Thanks again RL!  Always a pleasure! 

These two are the first entries for my Best 6 of 2009!  At least for now….   Only 4 more to go!

Did you vote for Obama?  I did!


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