1 for 2 Aint Bad at all!!!

Today was the Puyallup Antique Show.  I noticed very quickly that the same dealers that were at the Portland show I attended 2 weeks ago were ALL in attendance here too.  Rats!  I decided to burn through the isles quickly so I could move on to the Malls and Shops of Puyallup. There were some very nice Ivory w/sterling pieces, but not at bargain prices…..  I did walk out with this Anri Bar set though.  On to the shops!

Puyallup was swamped with collectors as each one hit the show first and then the local malls.  After 3 malls and 2 shops…..CLEAR!!

To make the most of my day, I hurried to Olympia, WA.  I’ve had these hunting grounds on the radar for some time now.  Luky me!  3 flashes in the first two malls!  Of course they were all from Washingon State.  Then the score of the day!  A 1867 McGill Patent!  I guess I have number 3 of my 2009 Best 6 safely home on the Island!  It may have been raining cats and dogs for Washington, but the Corkscrew Gods were shining on me!


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