Today started out very early, as my projected hunting grounds were about 5 hours away.  I was about a half hour from home, feeling optimistic an very excited, until I was pulled over for speeding.  Apparently, "I have to get to the antique mall to get my corkscrew before Mr. X gets it!" is not a good excuse to speed.  Whatever!

The day was pretty slow as my targeted area was not as clustered as it looked on Google, but there were several shops discovered along the way that were not listed.  Probably due to a lack of Antique Corkscrew Inventory!  CLEAR!!

Other than ONE booth, it was slip pick’ens today.  Until the very last shop, right at the stroke of 5 pm, in a case tucked in the corner.  A weird wire corkscrew was on display.  Ah, yes, that would be a Woodman’s Patent!  Shortly after a bit of haggling I was on the road with No. 5 of my best 6 for 2009! 

A bottle opener will be sacrificed as thanks to the Corkscrew Gods!


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