Ooooohhhhh!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!

I’m happy to report that the mail finally arrived!  Numerous packages arrived along with several Christmas cards.  I special shout out to Chrissy – Thanks for the Lou Malnati’s Pizza!  If you want REAL Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza, GET LOU’s!  You can also order Carson’s Ribs.  THEY ARE THE BEST RIBS YOU’LL EVER HAVE!!  K, back to the corkscrews!

FLASH!  Well, a Very unique flash….  Here is a Metal Sheath type Flash Corkscrew.  It features a picture of a lady golfer and reads "Souvenir of Athens, GA."  SO COOL!!  These are pretty rare.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have found 2 of these in the last year.  Another collector friend, who also likes Flash types, has 11 of them.  And he has been searching for Flashes over the past 25 years!

Also amongst the mail booty, was two Williamson’s, a L’Spirit Golf Peg and worm, and a Fantastic Ivory Carved Elephant Corkscrew!  I must say that the tusk is rather large (not complaining, just stating) compared to what I’ve seen in the past….  He was  snapped up after only being online for 3 min!  Winner! Winner! Chick’n Dinner!

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