Happy Saturday!

I must admit that the week previous was CRAZY busy for me, and since my return to the Island on Tuesday, I’ve been playing catch up with my pillow!  Still savoring the memories of eating Carson’s Ribs, Lou Malnati’s Pizza, Portillio’s Italian Beef, Buffalo Joe’s chicken Wings……..

I was able to hit up a few of the local shops.  Some over priced Sterling pieces did turn up, but one was clearly "fixed" which would arouse suspicion of the others.

Only a small lot of keepers came home with me.  One that caught my eye was a common Multi-Tool Roundlet from Germany, but it was painted.  The design appears to be of original production.  Has anyone else seen or have some of these roundlets that are painted on the case?

One last item was picked up and it was not a corkscrew, but definitely a Syroco "Go-With"…..kinda…..  I found a wood carved cane with an obvious figurine.  It was a Syroco Laughing Man!  Though not an exact replica, and not of Syroco composite, it is clearly reproduced after the Laughing Man design!  Pretty Cool huh?!



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