6 hours later….

Today was a perfect day to go hunting (for corkscrews)!  I got off work a little early, and set the Nav for Tacoma.  My first stop was LOADED with goodies, but aggressively priced!  Tusk Henshall w/ Sterling cap for $695?!  Ivory Horse Hoof w/Sterling Inlay and Fancy Walker Shank $595?!  I don’t think so!  Fun to look at, but hardly the bargains I was looking for.  About 30 miles later, I was able to score these two pieces.  First was a Syroco Stained Waiter Corkscrew, head only.  Then I found a strange little gaget.  It may not be a corkscrew, but "The Lost Cork Puller".  An ingenious invention at the time I’m sure! 

I’m pretty excited for tomorrow as I’ll be hunting all day long!  I will be sure to stop by the shop where the McGill was discovered.  Hopefully the corkscrew gods will leave a Golden Knight in the 50% off case for me to find!


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