Missed it by 12 months!

Today was spent scouring southern Washington for corkscrews.  I found a few new shops and ran through some I’ve previously discovered.  It was looking pretty ugly for a while, but I finally pulled the trigger on ONE FLASH.  Honestly, that’s all I scored for today.  And I think it’s a double too 😦

In mingling with some dealers I received a VERY EXCITING TIP.  A local dealer had purchased a corkscrew collection of about 300 pieces!  I quickly got the contact information and location of his shop!  Only 7 miles away?!  SWEET!  Well, the Ford was pushed to her limits, as I only had corkscrews on my mind.  Upon arrival, I was quickly escorted to the case of corkscrews.  4 chrome Negbaur Parrots, 1 Codger, and about 10 misc direct pulls.  That was all that was left from the collection, as it was purchased about a year earlier.  Apparently some collectors from California had heard about the collection and quickly picked over the lot.  Crap!


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