Congrats to the Steelers

The NFL Superbowl is the #1 viewed program throughout the entire world.  Yes, even I put aside my corkscrews to watch the game.  At first it looked to be an easy win for the Steelers.  Numerous mistakes were made by the Cardinals, but towards the end they were actually ahead.  Then came the classic touchdown pass, with only seconds left in the game.  The Steelers became the only team in history to have won 6 Superbowl titles thus far.   Kudos to the Steelers.

Now for a small note worthy of noting…..

Anyone interested in a 1934 French Serre Folding Bow w/prongs for under $329?  How bout a Nickel Plated King’s Screw for $177?  Or a 6-Tool Faceted Bow w/case for $165?  YES!  There are many deals to be had!  Too bad the hammer dropped on these items over recent weeks, and not in my favor.  Kudos to the winners of these pieces. 

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