Nice tusk…..

Early this morning, I received an email offering me a carved tusk corkscrew with an Elephant on it with sterling accents.  I’ll take that over coffee any day!  Too bad there weren’t any pictures attached.  I quickly requested some pictures and waited patiently.  I could only imagine what the seller had in mind for a price.  Since I got a 7" Carved Elephant w/Sterling in December for CHEAP, I was hopeful for a CHEAP asking price.  "Sure!  I’ll pay $100!  Heck I’ll give you $20 for shipping and insurance too!"  Way to get your hopes up Tommy!  I must have checked email about 50 times today!  Nothing.  Well, it’s obviously late at night, but I’m happy to finally see some pics and not happy to see the price.  It’s a beautiful piece, with a price tag to match.  Anyone got an extra $925 to spare for a carved elephant?

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