No post, no wins, but a CLOWN!

As mentioned yesterday, I have secured a Syroco Clown for the collection!  Thanks to a friend of a friend (now a friend) who was offered it by some dude whom he turned down, but I heard about and then got a referral, which resulted in making friends with dude and then negotiations, which ended in everyone’s favor, but most notably a clown for me!  Thanks to all involved!

I had a few listings end yesterday, SO I figured I’d battle the Monday Blues and ship everyone’s loot on time for a change.  Little did I know the post office is closed today for "Presidents Day".  And then I realized that there wouldn’t be any screws in the box today.  RAT!  I hate Mondays!

To boot…..

Me and JL were chatting a bit and we arranged to go halves on an auction of misc corkscrews.  In the lot was a Walker button AND a Goodyear Patent.  Too bad I forgot to set the sniping elves!  Kudos to Wineleopard for picking up my slack!  Errrrr!  Mondays!!!!

And that’s not all….!

As soon as I got home, I hit the watch list.  There it was, as German Double Spring at a mere $182 with 5 min left!  I quickly placed a strong bid.  High bidder!  Then came the sniping elves……  Kudos to Bxantiques.  Errrrrr…..Mondays!

Anyone got this?  Drop me a line at  Let’s make a deal!


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