A very busy day!

Well…..15 antique shops / malls later, I’ve only got 3+1 corkscrews to show for it.  AND they all happen to be at the same mall.  First is an odd direct pull, which is assumed to be German, considering there is a spring on the shank! (do those springs even work?)  Next was a Harper Clough w/ cap lifter.  The third is a Williamson, with a kinda long helix.  About 1/2 an inch longer (don’t we all wish our worms were a 1/2 inch longer?).  The +1 is that crappy corkscrew hanging from it, as I would never actually pay for that one!

A little challenge for all of you!  When ever you go out hunting, you’re bound to see something interesting that you’ve NEVER thought you’d see or even knew existed.  Well, you tell me.  Anyone know what these red balls are?  HINT:  They could save your life!


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