The good, bad and ugly!

It still seems to be a "Buyers" market!  Good deals are slipping through all over.  A Colonial Pigs Butt went for $22 and a Diamant sold for only $86!  I’m sure someone is happy today!  I did manage to score another full bodied Syroco Indian though.  🙂  Pics when he arrives.

As for me, my listings ended pretty bad.  I let a Small MOP w/sterling go for only $123 and my T&C only hit $113.  Both to the same bloke in Canada!   Errrrrr!  Guess I should have put in some reserves!

Now for the UGLY!  Well, it’s actually a BEAUTIFUL piece!  A Thomason w/ Gothic Windows was listed today.  As luck would have it, I was the first collector on the listing.  "Sweet!" I thought, "Josef is out of town, Mark is busy watching his NYC Stein gain bids, it’s past Robert’s bedtime, and who knows what time it is in Europe!  I’ve got the boys beat on this one for sure!"  No sooner than it had appeared, it then disappeared!  It wasn’t ended early, but simply just removed.  This is the only proof I could uncover, that it did appear.  Rat!!!


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