And then, and then, and then……

For the past 7 days, many of us were watching closely on a rarely seen Frary Patent Corkscrew.  Although it just hung out in the $200 range, final sale price estimates were frary broad at $500 up to a whopping $3000!  Well truth be told, it ended at $901.  Sorry JL, maybe next time!

And then…
Several Syroco corkscrews were listed in the last couple hours!  2 Painted Waiters, 1 Stained Waiter, AND a Large Head Black Bull Dog!  Beware…..Snipes are set!

And then…
I received a very special package today.  Inside was a Syroco Full Bodied Indian corkscrew!  This is a duplicate for me, so if you need one, email me at SYROCOKID@GMAIL.COM.  And to boot, included were 2 Chicago World Fair Corkscrews!  A very pleasant and unexpected surprise!  I love freebies!  Thanks SB!


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