(sigh!)…..I’m back home……score.

YES!  I’m back on the Island.  After a LONG day of hunting, a couple NICE pieces found, I decided be grateful for my finds and spend my Birthday (Sunday) at home with family (and Ebay).

The show was great!  I came across many booths with corkscrews, but aggressively priced.  Not sure how many people are willing to pay $1200 for a Thomason, but if you want one, it’s in Portland.  I even saw the guy with FAKE bone carvings.  I bit my tongue and walked away.  I guess it was a test from the corkscrew gods, as I was rewarded later on!  2 Sterling Perfume Corkscrews w/Sheaths were discovered amongst a case of stuff.  I wonder what JL has in mind for trading……?

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