Nice Tusk

April 30, 2009
Since the ban of "Ivory" and ANY usage or reference to the word, on eBay, it’s been a challenge to buy or sell "Ivory" or "maybe Ivory" or "like Ivory" corkscrews.  A word to the wise, if you don’t want your listing canceled, don’t even think to mention the word!  Just send a friendly email and picture to and I’ll be happy to buy it from you!

Here is the latest arrival to "The Rock"!  It’s a tusk "like Ivory" piece.  I do enjoy that it has an ornate collar and cap both marked "Sterling".  With a fancy diamond shank "to boot"!  I feel lucky to have gotten it, considering both RL and JL’A are snapping things up like crazy!!

A Copper Heeley

April 28, 2009
I love it when the weather man is wrong!  Yesterday called for clouds and scattered showers, but that was hardly the case for us Islanders!  60 and Sunny!  Just beautiful!  So of course today we’ll have LOADS of rain to make up for yesterdays miscalculation.  Oh well…..

I believe it was Saturday when I got the peach slip from the postman.  Usually a good sign of precious goods that need an autograph!  I was able to pick up the package yesterday, but left it in the car all night!  I know, I’ve got some issues.  Needless to say, I remember it this morning and was able to start the day off right.  A copper plated Heeley has arrived.  I wish ever day could start out like this 🙂

Apparently Josef scores again.  Wasn’t the lot at the JFO enough?

Just in time!

April 27, 2009
It’s been a LONG week!  I recently had my computer hard drive crash.  AND with out an external hard drive as a back up.  Here’s a tip…. GET AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE!!  After several attempts to save the data, and a few days at the Apple Genius Tech Lab, about 75% was recovered.  It sucked!

Well, I’ve gotten the office back in shape, and we are "Online" again!  And just in time for the final minutes of the 3a ICCA Auction!  A Sterling Silver Haff Patent will be heading to the Island, sometime this week.  I can’t hardly wait!

Wedding bells!

April 17, 2009
I’m heading to Chicago for the weekend! Just enough time to see my brother get married! I doubt there will be any time for corkscrews, but one can always hope right?

I did get offered these two earlier today. If the seller can come down a bit and the Euro take a nose dive for the weekend, they just might make their way to the Island! Keep your fingers crossed!

Gotta run! The boat doesn’t wait for anyone!

A nice group!

April 13, 2009
NO the Island did not sink!  I’m still here….  Happy Easter!

Been quite busy lately actually.  Just not enough time for hunting.  So yeah, life has been SUCKING!

The ICCA Auction opened on Friday!  There are plenty reasons to break open the piggy bank, and this is one!  I’ve gone through and added about 30 to the watch list, but I still need to narrow things down a bit.  Still deciding if I should sell my car so I can buy this unique piece with an opening bid of $13,192.61 USD.  On second thought, I don’t think my car is worth that much.  Oh well…..

I did come across a interesting group of corkscrews though.  And it’s NOT on the ICCA.  Hopefully the seller will get back to me with a price, before you all discover it!