A nice group!

NO the Island did not sink!  I’m still here….  Happy Easter!

Been quite busy lately actually.  Just not enough time for hunting.  So yeah, life has been SUCKING!

The ICCA Auction opened on Friday!  There are plenty reasons to break open the piggy bank, and this is one!  I’ve gone through and added about 30 to the watch list, but I still need to narrow things down a bit.  Still deciding if I should sell my car so I can buy this unique piece with an opening bid of $13,192.61 USD.  On second thought, I don’t think my car is worth that much.  Oh well…..

I did come across a interesting group of corkscrews though.  And it’s NOT on the ICCA.  Hopefully the seller will get back to me with a price, before you all discover it!


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