This particular piece really seems to "draw in bidders".  I just hope to save some of my fellow Corkscrew Collectors from bidding on this FAKE item.  It appears to be a Converse Prong Puller with a Metal sheath that JUST SO HAPPENS to have a whistle in it.  Well, it’s NOT ORIGINAL.  Unfortunately, his one has previously sold for several hundred dollars. 

A few quick tips to avoid becoming a victim to Bidding on a Fake Corkscrew:

-Don’t bother to bid on items "located in Argentina".  NUMEROUS Fake corkscrews have been known to come from this region.
-Look closely at the pictures, heck ask for additional pictures, then compare them to pics in Corkscrew Books, or Corkscrew Collector websites.  Surely you must have seen a picture of the piece you are about to bid on in some book or website!
-If you’re unsure, just ask a fellow collector to verify the listing.  It never hurts to ask. 



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