My Favorite / Sample!

For several years I’ve always been mystified by the 1917 Brady Patent, aka the "U-Neek".  It may not "technically" have a helix, but it IS a cork extractor, so it falls in under the "Corkscrew" category.  I LOVE IT!  Single cast body, 3 sliding pins, a retaining ring, moving parts, but not really mechanical….. SO COOL!  I’ve actually had about 3 of these rotate through the collection over the years, but this one is destined to stay!  The nickel plating is about 97% in tack and shiny to boot!  I have JL to thank, but I did have to TRADE for it.  🙂

Also in the trade, a was a Syroco Salesman Sample!  It’s a small German Shepherd.  No corkscrew or bottle opener, just the figural composite.  It wasn’t really "icing", but it sure was a SWEET part of the trade!

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