Waiting, and waiting, and waiting….

To be honest the corkscrews aren’t flooding in (at the moment) like they used to.  But seeing as I’m on an Island, I’d like to stay floating! 


To keep the "corkscrew economy" going, I had listed a few nice pieces.  The corkscrew gods clearly noticed my Paypal Account in the RED, so they found me a very aggressive bidder (I like these bidders).  Needless to say, "Mr. X" won all three of his desired auctions.  I have no doubt Mr. X is good for the funds, but having them transferred into my Paypal account is taking longer than expected.  :-[   It’s just courtesy to pay for your auctions in a timely fashion.  I’ve got lots to bid on!

And waiting….

I did break the piggy bank 8/13 to score a Brown Mermaid Corkscrew!  She appeared to be beautiful in the pictures, so a respectable bid was placed.  I know NY is on the opposite end of the country, but suspicions are growing 10 days later.  I wonder if Josef has hijacked the package or maybe had it rerouted to his Island on the EC.  Pics to be posted if it ever arrives!

and waiting….

Well, not really.  Thanks Don!  In an effort to make room for MORE CORKSCREWS, Don Bull had a fire sale on some of his publications.  Included in the lot were:

Corkscrew Stories vol. 1  by DB
Corkscrew Stories vol. 2  by DB
Cork Ejectors by DB
Corkscrew Patents of Japan by DB
William Rockwell Clough by Ron Maclean and Bob Nugent

I’m not sure if he has any left, but you can check out his "book store" by CLICKING HERE


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