An unlikely find

One usually has to sift through hundreds if not thousands of "common" or "hardly collectible" corkscrews on ebay to actually find a few worth bidding on.  Thank goodness for custom searches!  Well, I recently came across a listing that caught my eye.  It was for a 4 pc golf club corkscrew set.  I do try to avoid even looking at these types of sets as they don’t quite do it for me.  BUT the holder is what was intriguing.  It was a Syroco German Shepherd Head mounted on the stand (it’s actually a pipe rack, not a bar set holder).  (I saw this exact holder at a show in Portland several months ago, and couldn’t bribe the dealer with enough cash to sell his "family heirloom".)  Anyways, it’s a good example of what I classify as a true Syroco "go-with", as this exact figurine was produced as a corkscrew.  I was happy to pay 9x more for shipping this piece, than the actual winning bid!

If anyone else has a true Syroco Corkscrew "go-with" item, (clocks, clothing brushes, bottle openers, wall hangings, molds, tie racks, cigar holders, towel racks), drop me a line at


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