Pouring rain….

When it rains, it pours!  Only it’s not raining (water that is) on the island right now, but corkscrew deals are pouring in!  A deal has been agreed upon and a Crosby Pup will be heading to the Island soon!  This will DEFINITELY be in my Best 6!!

In case you didn’t know, "As legend has it…", Bing Crosby had 50-60 of these unique corkscrew dachshund puppies produced.  He then proceeded to give them out to his friends and family as gifts.  It’s marked on his side "Crosby Pup".
Over time, somehow corkscrew collectors spotted this cute little pup.  And become a cherished prized piece ever since!  There is a "list" of corkscrew collectors who currently own a Crosby Pup in their collections.  Heck there’s even one corkscrew collector who owns 7 of them!  I wonder if his name is on the list 7 times…?  Anyway.  I can’t hardly wait to submit my name to the list and fill slot #42! 

If you haven’t submitted your name already, or would like to know more about this Crosby Pup Ownership list, contact Josef L’African at josef@vintagecorkscrews.com

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