Another Syroco CLown arrives, and with a friend!

A few weeks ago, an Syroco Clown was listed on ebay.  I’m not sure if everyone saw it, as it was during the holidays, but a few of us did!  Clowns in general are hard to come by, and painted ones are even harder.  This one was intriguing because of it’s odd colors.  An assortment of Light Blue, Red, and Green appeared to be the color combination in the "not so clear" picture.  Typically the painted Syroco Clowns are found in a White and Blue color combination, and since this was clearly not that, it only increases it’s rareness and desirability!  I figured this piece would end up in a bidding war between sniping websites, it’d probably sell for an aggressive price, so there was no point in bidding.  But on the final day, I decided to place a snipe and see what happens.  Lucky Me! 

I’ve taken some much better pics than were offered in the listing.  To me, this piece is clearly all original.  He has a Aqua color suit with a Red collar.  He does appear to be Green, but I’m attributing this to the heavy amount of patina (or should I say he is "Rich with Patina!"). 

The same seller also had a Syroco Waiter with an odd paint combination too.  I did bid to win this fellow.  🙂  He has a Pink jacket and (piratically the same as the clown) Aqua colored shirt and slacks.  I’ve never seen this color variation either.  Could they be "Brother" pieces produced at the Syroco factory at the same time by the same artist?  Very Cool!

Anyone else have a Painted Syroco Corkscrew with some sort of odd paint colors?  I’d love to see them!  Send a picture to

Here are a few other pics of Syroco’s I’ve seen or picked up over the years….

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