Happy Saturday!

I’m lucky enough to typically be off on the weekends, so I can go hunting, attend shows or Ebay it up like crazy.  It’s definitely an Ebay weekend, so look out fellow enthusiasts, as the Syrocokid will be sniping!

So I came across a quite unusual piece today.  It’s named FORA PATENT corkscrew.  Considering it’s the BIN price was £1,500 I knew I would be passing on it.  Although it was a curious piece that I’ve not seen before.  It looks cool and looks old, but still questioned it.  Since Peter is on official "Ebay detox" (for the month!) I figured I’d email him a picture of what he was missing out on and inquire more about it.

After a brief exchange, we both have reservations about it….  Like John Stanley says…  "Buyer Beware!"

If it IS a real patent, I’d like to hear differently!  Email me at syrocokid@gmail.com and I will gladly update this post!

Hang in there Peter!  You’ve only got 22 more days of detox!

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