what a bummer…

As if waking up each weekday at 5 AM (or earlier) to hit the gym isn’t early enough, I somehow got the idea around 9 PM Friday night to plan a road trip for Saturday morning!  So I ended up not sleeping at all (because of the excitement of potential treasures to be had), and caught the 12:55 AM ferry off the Island.

I was truly going for the gold, with my first leg being 8+ hours and across 2 state lines!  Yes, I almost turned around at 5 am when I realized that I had hit the 24 hour mark.  But I was determined to make up for lost time and hit shops along I-90 from Missoula, MT and up to Wenatchee, WA.

I found a couple new malls, and revisited many shops that I haven’t shopped for over a year!  The booths are full of quality items, but almost seemed to all focus on Kitchenware items, containers, and the like.  Is there a surge in this genre that I should be aware of?  Too bad no one remembered to grab CORKSCREWS!  Needless to say, I only came home with only one simple Clough pocket corkscrew.  Sad 

1000 new miles on the odometer.  $69 for a well deserved oil change.
18 hours of driving through 3 states hunting for corkscrews.  $125+ in gas purchased at Costco.
41 hours depriving your body of sleep, with hopes of finding corkscrew treasure, and finally getting in bed…PRICELESS!

Pictures to be updated tomorrow, and "Tales from the Mailbox"!  Gotta LOVE the Mail Lady!

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