Today was a LUCKY day!  A last minute decision to take the day off work and go antiquing really paid off! 

My partner in crime, who is wanted by the authorities, knew the location of some shops in Southern Washington that I’ve not been to.  So I filled the car with gas, and headed south to hunt for the day.  We happened upon a small shop that seemed the size of my bedroom, but remained optimistic as you could see some corkscrews from the window.  AND I did see a special one!  Can you see it?!

We popped in for closer inspection of the goods.  The shop owner was a friendly chap and was happy to show off his corkscrews.  Folding bows, simple direct pulls, and a couple roll-over types filled the shelf.  BUT the one that caught my eye was this Will & Fink!  The price tag was almost heavier than the corkscrew, but an ALL CASH offer was graciously accepted.    🙂

As much as I’d like for this to stay in the collection, I believe it will end up at auction soon.  I’m entertaining trade offers if anyone’s interested.  Drop me a line at!


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