Heading to Texas!

It’s 3:13am and I’ve been up ALL NIGHT prepping for JFO Convention.  My flight is in 4 hours, but I’ve got a car ride to the ferry, then ride the ferry, then another car ride and THEN I’ll be ready for take off!  Since I can’t bring corkscrews in my carry-on, I had to pop an extra $15 for luggage.  So, I brought out Big Black from the garage.  I was able to pack 3 boxes of goodies to sell, trade, and show off! 

This year it’s in San Antonio, TX!  I have never been to Texas, so I’m pretty excited for this trip.  The JFO club is mostly filled with Bottle Opener Collectors, but there is a handful of Corkscrew Collectors too.  The big question is "Who will walk away with the biggest score?"  As far as I know, the only corkscrew collectors attending will be Josef, Herb and I.  You can bet I’ll be enjoying their company as well as my fellow opener collectors in the common room, but I’ll definitely be looking for a diamond in the rough.  In years past, the boys have walked away with a Peerless, Folding celluloid lady, and a coffin guy to name a few.  I’m hoping for a Chippendale or a Large Display Corkscrew!

We are also planning a couple mini day trips to the local antique shops and on Friday an antique fair that’s 25 miles long!  One can only imagine what we’ll find!  Stay tuned for pictures and stories from the 2010 JFO Convention!


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