JFO Day 2

I know I just posted Day 1, but Day 2 was yesterday.  So here we go.

I was up late doing homework and catching up with Josef, so only getting into bed at 4:30 am kinda sucked.  But for some reason I woke up at 9:00?  Josef was gone already!  Coffee?  Breakfast?  Early bird getting the worm (helix actually)?  YUP!  Sure enough he popped back into the room not 2 minutes later with quite the smile!  "Morning!"  Josef had just struck a deal with John for the Powercone!

Rat!  Congrats J!

The day started out great (well for one of us) and we wanted to keep it rockin’.  One of the attendees tipped us off on a cluster of Antique malls that supposedly had several corkscrews.  We quickly plotted a course on Josef’s iPhone and headed out.   We came across several corkscrews, but all quite pricey!  After hitting about 5 malls with nothing to show, we decided to head back.

"woop! woop! woop!"  Herb Alert!

As soon as we pulled up to the hotel, we saw a fellow corkscrew collector Herb D.  He’s also a Syroco guy.  I’m actually curious as to what he brought to the show to sell.  It’s nice to see so many friendly faces, but there are corkscrews to be had, and we needed to get back up to the 15th floor.  And fast!

In the common room, Josef made a new friend that was interested in slider openers.  Oh yeah, mental note!  I wondered over to John and made an offer for 3 of his M-73 sliders.  I made an offer and John countered.  "How bout we flip for the difference?"  "Ok Tommy.  You call it!"  "Heads!" SCORE for Tommy! 

We started hitting up some of the attendees hotel rooms and searching for other goodies to pick up.  And sure enough we stumbled into Herb’s room and sure enough he had a few Syroco’s.  And one in particular, a uniquely painted Syroco Old Codger.  I remember seeing this piece about 4 years ago and trying unsuccessfully to strike a deal.  I proceeded to ask for a price and it was the same as before.  "$100.00"  "How bout $90?"  "Nope.  Sorry Tommy."  I tried my new tactic of flipping a coin.  SCORE!!  :o)

Yes, I know there’s only 2 sliders pictured, but one was sold for more than half my total cost.  Sorry John!  :o)

Me and J finally set up our rooms with goodies to show off and sell.  Here are the pics for those of you missing out.

More later!


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