JFO Day 3

Today we headed out early for some free stylin’ somewhere in
Texas.  We traveled to several
shops but only scored a single piece. 
An American HAFF Patent w/ button. 
But at that same shop we found another thing worth picturing.  A very unique purple hairstyle.  Was this from the Art Deco era?  Does she REALLY like palm trees?  Maybe I don’t know “what’s in style”
these days….  Do you?


Back at the common room, everyone was hanging out and
telling stories.  I must say this
crowd is SUPER friendly and always glad to see you.  Cheers to my fellow JFO Members!


Since there were no corkscrews to be had, we decided to
scour the hotel rooms again.  Herb
actually came down in price on a McAvoy Brewing screw from Chicago.  Anyone guess why I bought this
one?  AND Herb has a unique Syroco item.  It’s a Syroco Laughing Man figural piece that is STRAIGHT OUT OF THE MOLD!  No sanding of the seam, no stain or paint, no nail hole, no corkscrew.  You can be sure he wants some BIG bucks for this baby.  I think I’ll start saving now for next years show, and maybe I can afford to purchase it then. 

I also discovered a brass Imp
thingy, a unique paper beer advertising flash type and a beer slider.  At least I got a few things today!

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