JFO Day 4

Me and J have been looking forward to Friday all week long!  Lucky for us there was an antique show scheduled for this weekend in Texas!  It’s called Antique Ally and it’s 25 miles long!  Who wouldn’t want to go to this?!  We jumped in the car a little late this morning, as I was catching up on my beauty sleep.  Can you imagine how many corkscrews could be there?  It should be a quick 230 mile trip and we can antique on the way back. 

Well, apparently the Antique Alley is hardly full of antiques.  It’s more like a Garage Sale Gutter!  Trust me when I say, this is one buyer that could finally find that missing door she’s been looking for.

We finally go back to the hotel at like 7:30 and scrambled to find a few more items.  My buddy Bill offered me 3 beer advertising Walkers and a Negbaur Parrot.  Two offers were made, and a coin flip decided the price.  Crap!  Bill won the flip, but I scored a few screws.  Also popped for an All-Ways Clough type and another L-1 bottle opener.  I think that makes #28 for me.  They are the only beer opener I actually collect.  Anyone else got one for me?  Drop me a line at syrocokid@gmail.com

Tomorrow is the last day.  We are going to a local brewery that hosts a local Breweriana show.  Hopefully the corkscrew gods will smile on me then!


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