Vinalhaven, Corkscrews, and more….

Josef picked me up in Portland, ME. from the airport and we started antiquing right away.  Our first stop I picked up a Converse for cheap, and Joseph sold some corkscrews to a couple local dealers.  He also made a special stop to pick up a corkscrew that a dealer had saved for him.  It’s an early carving of a seal on ivory!  So cool!

Vinalhaven is awesome!  It’s cozy, intimate, and EVERYONE is so friendly!  It’s been a few years since I’ve seen Sue, so it’s great to reconnect with her.  We attended a small gathering and enjoyed LOTS of food, drinks, and good company.  So much fun!  What more could one ask for?!  The Island life is great!

To put in proper prospective, they do live on a "postage stamp" sized property.  So there’s no corkscrew room here, but he does have a case full of goodies!

There are many goodies here, and I brought a few goodies to show off.   Who knows if a trade will emerge, but negotiations will surely be open.

And sale No. 5 of the ICCA Auctions ended today.  The highlight for me was selling my Will & Fink!  Now how the funds will be spent is not clear yet, but with Brimfield in 3 days I’m sure I’ll find something good. 

More news to come…


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