A little crazy for corkscrews?

So, the majority of us are collectors of corkscrews, and one might even say we are addicts.  We all have our favorite types of corkscrews too .  Mechanicals, Figurals, Ivory, Bows, Syroco, etc… 

And don’t forget a major gene, Country Origin!  Americans, collecting American Patents, Italians collecting Italian Patents, etc…  But our German friends are some of the most aggressive collectors out there!  Check out some of these pieces that have recently sold at auction.  I can say for sure who the highest bidder was, but you can surely bet these guys were hot to trot for these corkscrews!

 A very unusual Bow EUR 584.00!  And a unusual Henkels rack and pinion EUR 1143.00!

This spring piece is very similar to more common German Spring types, but considering the barrel top and bottom the Seller thought it might be an English patent design.  Either way this baby brought GBP 1377.00!!

Kudos to the winners of these lots, as they are awesome pieces! 

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