The Monk Returns!

I’ve been putting together my Syroco Corkscrew collection for over 6 years now.  At one point or another, I’ve owned just about every piece, and in every color variation.  It’s just that sometimes I get an offer that I simply cannot refuse.  Well, enough is enough!  I am determined to acquire each piece AND in every color variation!  Now, don’t get all crazy and start snapping up pieces, then start to bait me.  That’s not happening.  I’m just saying that once they’re in, THEY’RE STAYING IN.

The story about this monk is that last year a collector was adamant about buying this piece from my "private Syroco collection".  After about a week of negotiations I cracked.  I’ve been without a monk ever since.

Well, with those two beer openers I won a couple weeks ago, I was able to trade the pair for the same monk that I sold over a year ago!  I’m pretty excited as it was a hole in the collection.  Not no more!  🙂 


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