Annnnnd I’m back!

It’s freakin hot!  97 degrees today!  (Since it rarely gets above 80, 97 is freakin hot!)

The heat did not stop the crowds though.  Plenty of dealers and tons of shoppers were already there when I arrived.  Regardless, it was nice to be out hunting for the day.  Fingers crossed!

First things first.  Outside dealers.  There was 3 lots full of dealers!  But not many corkscrews to be had.  Apparently, EVERYONE is watching that History Channel TV show "American Pickers".  There was lots of old lanterns, railroad lights, oil cans, advertising signs, metal toys, quarky coin-operated machines, Coca-Cola stuff, and many other things Mike & Frankie pick up on a regular basis.  It also seems to drive the asking prices up on these too..  Let’s hope the boys don’t catch on to our precious corkscrews!

I could hardly wait to get inside where the A/C was sure to be cooling everyone down.  Inside they had both buildings packed full of all sorts of goodies!  The coolest thing I saw today was a XXXL Anri Carving Mechanical Display!  It was dated to the 1920’s – 1930’s and included the original shipping crate.  I could only afford to take pictures and a quick movie of the item.  Sorry, didn’t have an extra $3250!

As for corkscrew loot, not much to report.  There were 4 pairs of Lady Legs, but all priced at $700 or more!  Whatever!  I was just happy to pick up a Flash and this enameled bottle opener.  Doubt they will cover the admission ticket, let alone the gas and 7 hours driving today, but I had fun.

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