Corkscrew Collectors are lurking….

I’ve arrived in Boston and got shop set up on the 12th floor.  The Omni is a beautiful hotel and has been operating since 1855!  I wonder what American Patent Corkscrews they used back then…?

After a quick shower and unpacking I headed out to a few of the local antique shops.  It’s rumored that a fancy Sterling overlay corkscrew was for sale on Charles Street where a local dealer has over 400 corkscrews for sale.  I had hoped that being a day early would give me first dibs on the piece.

I arrived at 119 Charles St. only to find out that I’m the 3rd corkscrew collector to have come through.  Rats!  Not 5 minutes into my private showing, a 4th collector walked through the door.  Errr!

The corkscrews were ok, but priced aggressively.  I decided to pass and save my funds for the “room to room” buy and sell session.

Although no corkscrews were to be had, I had a lovely walk through the city.  You couldn’t ask for a nicer day.  62 and sunny.  Just beautiful!  Here is the State House Building and the Old City Hall.

But the day’s not over yet!  I’m off to dinner with Donoghue, and a private showing of his collection!

More as the weekend unfolds!


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