Sleepless outside Seattle…

It’s almost 4 am on the West Coast and I’ve been up all night.  Not too many people actually listing corkscrews at this hour, but one can hope, right?

Actually, I’ve been racking my brain on what to pick for my Best 6.  I’ve had a decent year and I’ve got a few pieces to choose from, but we still got 10 days to go.  I’ve got an “ace up my sleeve” (actually en route to the island) and it could make for quick trade bait OR just make it into the Best 6.  What to do, what to do…?

Anyways!  Here are a couple arrivals to the island.  First is a nice Nickel plated Kings Screw.  It’s got a great badge but it needs a new handle.  Anyone got a extra laying around?

Also we’ve got a 1899 Converse Patent.  Yes, one of those prong pullers, but this one has advertising!  “ELMORE BOURBON” ARTHUR LEHMANN & CO PEORIA, ILL is what’s engraved on the sheath.  Very cool!  Anyone need one of these in their Best 6?  It’s available for trade!

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