The knife left behind…

At the Portland Expo there was a most unusual knife that I came across.  It had 14 different knives and tools.  Of course one was a corkscrew, so I had to pursue it.

Now this aint no Swiss Army or Leatherman piece.  It was old, large, and heavy!  But given the asking price, I wasn’t about to blow my wad on the first interesting piece I found considering I knew nothing about it.

So here’s the pictures!

Has anyone seen a piece like this?  Am I going to regret not buying this one?

It’s marked + ZTEEL + all over the place.  No other makers marks that I could see.  The corkscrew itself looks to be hammered.  So cool!


Oh!  There was a buffalo head there too.  I offered to grab it for Josef, but he passed, so it up for grabs!


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