Hidden gems

For all you folks that keep saying “I never find anything…”, just check this out…

Gavin Maddock just emailed “Now why would I be interested in an old oil lamp?”  with a link to an auction house listing with this picture:

As if you didn’t see it already, if you look a bit closer and there’s a Thomason Variant fruitwood handle included in this lot of oil lamp & brass stuff!  Gav won the lot for a mere £95.00!!  Unbelievable!

Hats off to Gavin!  Good job mate!

Gav instructed the auction house to re-auction the oil lamp and other stuff in their next sale (he hopes to get a credit on today’s lot – probably not happening though).   If you’re interested in a Thomason Variant, contact Gavin via http://www.eracorkscrews.com


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