On public display!

There are several galleries here on the Island, but they are mostly filled with paintings, sculptures, glass stuff, and other things people consider to be “art” like collections and stuff.  Well no one has any corkscrews on display, so it was something that I really wanted to do.  But in the “right” setting.

At the local grocery store they have a wine cellar of sorts.  Very popular and quite cozy.  I know the wine manager there and told him about my collection, and asked him if I could display a few pieces.  Needless to say he was more than excited to see the final project.

So for the past few weeks I’ve been trying to locate a shadow box that would be big enough for several corkscrews and show them off well.  With no such luck, I decided to build my own.  After several trips to the hardware store and numerous hours in the garage I finally finished the box.  It has an antique looking frame that can hold about 15 pieces AND open while on display.  Don’t get any ideas now….it’s well secured in the LOCK position while on public display.

So if you’re out and about on  Bainbridge Island, WA. get down to Town & Country Market to check it out!

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