Happy days!

Sale 6b was today and there were SEVERAL high dollar pieces that soared way above their original reserve prices.  Let’s just say that Fotodeal got several nice pieces for his collection, and the lucky sellers did just fine.

As for me, I steered clear of the bidding wars and survived the fight.  I placed a few strategic bids here and there with fingers crossed.  Well, I got lucky.  Twice!

First I was able to score a Celluloid Alligator for less than market value.  The celluloid is not exactly like the Ladies legs.  It almost looks like bakelite?  We’ll see when it arrives and I’ll post some better pictures.

And second….?  Another pair of German Shoes!  Who knew I’d be able to snap these babies up on the ICCAuctions for such a good price?!  I happen to get them for less than half of what I put up for the Shoes I traded Peter for.  I wonder if he’ll trade me back…..?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The ICCAuctions can be a great place for sellers to offer fine pieces and get good bids from serious collectors.  But it can also be a place for buyers to find great deals.  You never know what’s going to happen at auction!  :o)



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