Snow, wind, and cold!

Seriously, it’s been a rough week.  We typically don’t get bad snow storms, but this past Monday was an exception.  We got about 3 inches of snow, 60 mph winds and a thorough freeze.  It send the entire Island into a frozen state!

We braved a 44 hour power outage, about 4 straight days without internet, and over 5 days of no postal deliveries!  You know what that means…..  No bidding, no binning, no sniping, and no corkscrew deliveries!  Errrrrrr!

Well it appears that we are back “online” and I received my very own Postal Box with packages that have been piling up.  I can hardly wait to dig in!

Here’s a few pictures of the aftermath!  That tree used to be 30 feet from the house.  Lucky for us, it fell backwards!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More updates to come after I finish updating the “Watch List” and open up all the goodies!

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