Latest and late arrivals.

Just because I haven’t blogged, doesn’t mean I’m not corkscrewing around, I’ve just been screwing off.

I’ve had several arrivals to the Island lately.  Some keepers, some trade, some for the website, and some for eBay.

I got an Alligator and an ICCA McBride off the ICCAuctions along with a pair of German Shoes.  Now that I’m writing, I haven’t seen those shoes show up yet…

Anyways.  Also I’ve snapped up a few other good deals on a Blackington Sterling Boot, a Sterling Bottle Roundlet and a 1937 Popeye!

One more that deserves a mention is a Clough wire double helix corkscrew.  It’s got advertising for “Anheuser-Busch” but it’s also marked “Clough’s Patent”!  Very sweet!  And the plating is in great shape.  A welcome addition to the collection.

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